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Stop talking innovation. 

Start asking questions.

We turn human understanding into new business opportunities using the combined power of ethnographic research and design thinking.

Core services

Understanding your customers can make real business impact.

IS IT A BIRD stimulates, drives and directs innovation processes. We inform corporate strategies, guide development of product categories, create new product concepts, define new digital experiences and rethink services. Our starting point is always human understanding, and the result clear and actionable solutions. We don’t believe in copy-pasting standard processes – we don’t only innovate client’s processes, but also our own. Each new project is an opportunity to rethink how we can approach a problem. We work across industries and sectors and always bring a fresh and curious perspective.

Dismantling complexity

Human insights

We create a strong foundation for innovation by uncovering deep insights into the behaviour, needs and aspirations of human beings. 

Human insights are at the core of ground breaking innovation. We specialise in giving our clients new and unexpected insights into the human beings they operate for. Using behavioural economics and ethnographic methods we explore real people’s subjective experiences, and identify patterns in the ways in which we humans act, feel and prioritise.

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Shaping tomorrow

Purpose driven strategy

We inform and shape strategy for tomorrow at the highest executive level, with direct purpose. 

Today, classical long term competitive advantage is coming to an end, and a new breed of consumers has new expectations of brands and services; to have a clear purpose. This calls for a new approach to strategy. The IIAB-way is to start by exploring and defining the “why” for your organisation and, from there, identify a value proposition that resonates with your stakeholders. In doing so we identify clear opportunity spaces in the market, and direct the strategic decision making process for the future.

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Market prediction

Category drivers

We have developed a human-centred tool for strategic planning at every level, specially tailored to fast moving consumer goods.

What will drive your product category in the coming years? Our Drivers tool combines insights on consumer behaviour, with trend research, stakeholder perspectives and market data, to define the factors that will affect how people engage with your category in the future. This creates the perfect starting point for the development of strategies and activation across channels, marketing and portfolio, resulting in focused portfolio development and a better coordination of the go-to-market strategy across platforms.

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Getting the whole picture

Service innovation

Rethinking the future of public and private services across every touchpoint. 

We thoroughly investigate how current services are experienced, by empathising with users, trying it out and breaking it down. Sometimes we do so in plain sight, other times undercover. We map out the total user journey, learn what the real jobs are that the users want to get done, and identify critical touchpoints with opportunities for improvement. Then we come up with a clear vision for the future service experience and a service design that shows how to deliver it.

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Future use

New product concepts

We create inspiring new product concepts that guide and direct product development.

Through a structured creative process, we develop ideas and turn them into product concepts, constantly prototyping and getting feedback from real users. The resulting concepts consider feasibility for the organisation, viability in the market place and desirability for the end customer. We operate in the fuzzy front end of product development, where we set direction, define features and specify requirements. The process from initial research to final concepts could need months, or as little as a week, using our IIAB-sprint format. 

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New frontiers

Digital experience

We create meaningful digital transformation

Many companies are in the middle of a digital transformation. But how do you best take advantage of digital opportunities? We help you specify the required functionality of new systems and create great user experiences based on user studies and iterative testing. From early insights to wire frames, we lead your development process using design thinking processes. 

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Shifting a mindset

Innovation capacity

We help organisations become more user-centred and build thriving innovative cultures. 

Innovation is not about post-its and creative genius. It’s about culture and mindset: how organisations view the world, and the outlook of the employees. Innovation potential is unfolded through the introduction of new habits, new tools, and a shared language that helps boost the organisation’s confidence and capacity for innovation. We train leaders in innovation management and employees in carrying out innovation projects. 

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Words for change

Strategic communication

We help organisations create strong, strategic narrative

It takes much more than a strategic target to generate the necessary change within an organisation. By empathising with the people we want to involve, we challenge the common approach to corporate and public communication that puts the communication itself at the centre. Communication is not an act of simply sharing information. Communication should never be the target. The goal is always the change we want to make, by shaping and delivering a message that involves and motivates.

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User-centered innovation based on human insights


Shaping the task at hand.


Deep understanding of human behavior.


Identifying problems with potential.


Transforming ideas into opportunities.


Refining and stabilizing the solution.


Creating value and making it happen.

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