IS IT A BIRD is a strategic innovation agency. We turn human understanding into new business opportunities.

Stop talking innovation.

Start asking questions.

We turn human understanding into new business opportunities using the combined power of ethnographic research and design thinking.

Core services

Understanding your customers can make real business impact.

IS IT A BIRD stimulates, drives and directs innovation processes. We inform corporate strategies, guide development of product categories, create new product concepts, define new digital experiences and rethink services. Our starting point is always human understanding, and the result; clear and actionable solutions. We don’t believe in copy-pasting standard processes – we innovate both our client’s processes, and our own. Each new project is an opportunity to rethink how we can approach a problem. We work across industries and sectors and always bring a fresh and curious perspective. Check out the results in the Cases section.

Shaping tomorrow

Strategy and business direction

Classical long-term competitive advantage is coming to an end, calling for a new approach to strategy.

Are changing customer preferences, technological developments or new market dynamics killing your strategy?

We help executives set the right direction for their business, based on changes in the market and a deep understanding of their users’ needs. We use the design thinking approach to do strategy – not just talk about and plan it.

The IS IT A BIRD way is to start by exploring the ‘why’ for your organisation, and, from there, identify a value proposition that resonates with your stakeholders, to direct the strategic decision making process for the future.

Read how our strategy development process helped Carlsberg adapt their product to local European markets. Or how it gave one of the biggest newspapers in Denmark a headstart in the digital world.

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Future use

New products and services

Defining new and meaningful product and service concepts that create value for people and your business.

Are you trying to keep up with higher customer expectations in an increasingly competitive marketplace?

The traditional approach to assessing the potential of new product ideas is to boil the world down to quantifiable properties. We challenge this narrow focus on numbers.

Instead, we use a structured creative process to explore ideas and develop them into new products, services or experiences; constantly prototyping and developing with feedback from real people.

We operate in the fuzzy front end of concept development, where we set direction, define features, and specify requirements.

Read how our product concepts laid the foundation for Danske Bank's pocket money app reframing the piggy bank experience in a cashless reality. Or how they shaped Velux's new generation of blackout blinds for the French market.

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Shifting a mindset

Innovation capacity and transformation

We transform companies to become more human centred and in-touch with a fast moving world.

Are you missing the concrete tools, methods and habits that can turn ‘innovation’ from a management buzzword into everyday reality?

Innovation is not about Post-its and creative genius. It’s about culture and mindset: how organisations view the world, and the outlook of the employees.

We move organisations forward to become more human centred through an introduction of new habits, tools, and a shared language that helps boost the organisation’s confidence and capacity for innovation. We train leaders in innovation management and employees in executing innovation.

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Dismantling complexity

User insights and behaviour analysis

We specialise in providing our clients with new and unexpected insight into people’s lives.

Do you have a true understanding of your customers or are you basing business decisions on assumptions about the world ‘out there’?

Through ethnographic methods and the application of behavioural economics principles, we explore and analyse real people's subjective experiences and explicit behaviours, and identify patterns in the way in which we humans act, feel and prioritise.

We specialise in giving our clients new and unexpected insights into the human beings they operate for. The insights are always actionable, showing clear direction of where the opportunity lies.

Read how our insights gave Denmark's largest energy company new ways to communicate their story. Also read how they provided The Danish Railways knowledge about what passengers perceive as clean or what personal comfort means during the train journey

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We turn real people’s real needs into new business opportunities, at a pace that secures our clients’ competitive advantage in a fast moving world

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User-centered innovation based on human insights


Shaping the task at hand.


Deep understanding of human behavior.


Identifying problems with potential.


Transforming ideas into opportunities.


Refining and stabilizing the solution.


Creating value and making it happen.

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