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We turn human understanding into

* At IS IT A BIRD we help global companies and organisations make better decisions. Using a human-centered approach we change markets, transform companies and shape the products of tomorrow. We turn human understanding into new opportunities.


A strategic innovation _agency_ *garage*

We are a curious group of innovation geeks, original thinkers, and committed practitioners, who are all mad about user centred innovation. We live in a garage in Copenhagen. We question everything. Be prepared.

CASE: Carlsberg

How can a global beer brand serve a local experience?


CASE: Danske Bank

What is pocket money in a cashless society?


CASE: Ekstra Bladet

How to survive a digital future?

What makes us different

No presumptions. Pure curiosity.

What makes us different

Always embedded in the field.

What makes us different

No expensive suits. Only Passion.

What makes us different

We take people seriously. Not literally.

Buzz from the office

We think, dream and speak innovation.
Read our minds.