IS IT A BIRD is a strategic innovation agency. We turn human understanding into new business opportunities.

Humanising business

of the future

We are a gathering of innovation geeks, original thinkers and passionate practitioners.

We turn human understanding into new business opportunities.

Why are we here?

Our aspiration

We believe that the solutions of the future can’t always build on past experience. We must be open to new thinking and what emerges in the world. It takes courage and willpower to break free from just recreating to what already exists, and instead, create the solutions of the future. This is our dream.


Our name

We are in the business of exploration. Always seeking deeper meaning and new opportunities. We do this by asking questions. Even our name is a question. And we do it by experimenting. Getting closer to the unknown. It wasn’t a bird. Nor a plane. But something completely new to the world. Something fantastic. What are you seeking? 


Our mindset

We are not your regular management consultants. We refuse to be. Our clients tell us we are different to anyone they ever worked with, and we consider that as a strength. Who would trust an innovation consultant that wasn’t quirky? We insist on being open and curious to the world with no standardised models for solutions.

How did we get here?

Our story

IS IT A BIRD was founded the summer of 2011 by Line Groes based on a dream of creating positive, long-lasting changes for businesses and organisations. And with a simple vision: To become the leading human centered innovation agency in the world, where highly intelligent and creative people thrive and leave their mark on the world. 

A different approach to user-centric innovation

At IS IT A BIRD our point of departure is always a deep understanding of humans. We identify patterns in needs, behaviour and aspirations among real humans. Not just what they think of your product, service or brand (because often they don’t care), but understanding what makes their lives meaningful. We believe that this is the best starting point for innovation and serves as our guideline when we develop strategy, products and services. 

We work exploratively and iteratively from early insight to tangible concept. Visual tools and prototypes ensure that the solutions works both for potential users and the client while developing the final solution. This interdisciplinary approach enables us to achieve agile solutions for a world in constant change. 


We realise our purpose by combining analysis, design and strategy.


Our starting point is always deep human understanding. With a solid background in social science and behavioral economics we identify patterns in the ways we as humans feel, act and prioritize.

  •   User journeys
  •   Etnographic research
  •   Segmentation and personas
  •   Stakeholder mapping
  •   Surveys
  •   Trend forecasting


We are makers. We work iteratively with prototyping to ensure speed and accuracy. In this way, we ensure solutions with commercial impact and relevance for the user.

  •   Design thinking
  •   Prototyping and test
  •   Conceptualisation
  •   Design sprints
  •   Service design
  •   Experience design


We combine user insights with market and societal trends, in order to identify clear opportunity spaces with a market potential that feed directly into the strategic decision-making process.

  •   Purpose defintion
  •   Category drivers
  •   Strategic narrative
  •   Innovation capacity
  •   Business model canvas
  •   Scenario planning
Why are we different?

No company cars. We ride bikes.

Why we are different?

No ivory tower. Real world insights.

Why are we different?

No bullshit. Just the truth.

Why are we different?

No users. Only humans 

Not just pretty faces

Meet the team.

We are driven by our employees – a gathering of innovation geeks, original thinkers and passionate practitioners. Our areas of expertise span a wide range of disciplines, making it possible to develop solutions across fields and industries. Diversity in skills, personality, nationality and views is the cornerstone of our budding innovation environment.

Rasmus Thomsen


Louise Vang Jensen

Director and Partner

Sune Holm Thøgersen

Strategy Director

Katey Diamond

Lead Innovation Consultant and Partner (on maternity leave)

Emilie Baage Stuhr

Lead Consultant

Kristian Bluff

Lead Innovation Consultant

Line Groes

Founder and Board Member

Helena Linde Pedersen

Senior Anthropologist

Lea Møller Svendsen

Senior Anthropologist

Therese Andersson

Senior Service Designer

Sasha Kohar

Senior Design Consultant

Emil Buch Jacobsen


Jakob Schjelderup


Anna Starup Andersen


Freya Williams


You'd look good right here

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Sara Said Mosleh

Design Consultant

Camillo Montano Dahl

Design Consultant

Borbala Kun

Design Consultant

Ida Enggaard

Junior Consultant

Marie Helene Pers

Junior Consultant

Pernille Christel Jensen

Office Manager

Niels Holme Pedersen

Business Controller

Carolina Navarro Sarmiento

Design Intern

Lasse Uhrskov Kristensen

Research Intern

Shannon Stussy

Research Intern

Mathilde Grelck Johnsen

Design Intern

Signe Munck

Freelance Anthropologist

Isabel Froes

Associated Senior Consultant

Peter Nørregård

Associated Senior Consultant