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Change the world?

Join us.

Do you consider yourself a creative thinker? A skilled practitioner? An ambitious human being? Come join our team of innovation geeks in our auto repair shop in Copenhagen.


Come work with us.

Are you excited about what you don’t know? And do you have the courage to burst bubbles?
At IIAB we are driven by a deep purpose. A purpose of challenging business to reflect on their assumptions about the world. Get them closer to people’s everyday lives. We always look for people who share the same purpose.

You may be an untraditional business developer. An outstanding strategic designer with a reflective soul. A curious social scientist with a strong will to change the world. Or you may just be you. Surprise us.

We have standards

Values that drives how we work, think,
fail, succeed, recruit, interact, feel, dance, research, discover, fight

We’re ambitious

We set high standards for eachother and the clients we work with.

We’re personal

We see our personality as one of our biggest strengths and embrace it.

We’re passionate

We love what we do and are driven by producing great results.

We’re brave

We’re not afraid to challenge ourselves and ask the tough questions.

We’re aesthetes

We are visual people setting high standards for design.

We’re curious

We see curiosity as the biggest driver for both innovation and human development.

What are we looking for?

We look for _employees_ *people* who are passionate about their work craft and want to push boundries as much as their abilities.



Internships at IS IT A BIRD is fun

We do reguarly have interns on the team. Usually we have 2-3 interns at a time and we tend to like internships lasting 4-6 months. The positions are open for application april and september.

If you want to apply to for an internships at IS IT A BIRD you have to be talented. We can’t stress that enough. You have to be extremely passionate about what you do, and have a contagious sense of wanting to make the world a better place with design and innovation. 

As an intern at IS IT A BIRD you become an important of the team. You are here to learn, but we expect you to handle a big amount of responsibility and do great work.

Why working at IIAB is awesome

We are ordinary people with an extraordinary vision

Why working at IIAB is awesome

We don’t believe in management – we believe in humanagement.

Why working at IIAB is awesome

No big egos. Just talent.

Why working at IIAB is awesome

Less hierarchy. More play.

Why working at IIAB is awesome

Not just colleagues, not just a job.

But what are the perks?

Besides the unlimited free coffee,
you can also look forward to...


Grab a plate, pick a spot and catch up on the latest gossip. There is a weekly menu posted on the fridge. There is always something to nibble on. The carrots and the cupcakes disappear in equal measures.

IIAB Academy

We nourish our innovative and creative muscle with frequently arranged academies. The changing themes function as inspirational training for practitioners, with keynotes, discussions and reflection lasting half a day or more.

Nerdy colleagues

Yes – that’s a perk! We genuinely love what we do, and you will often catch us enthusiastically sharing insights and knowledge within the field – and beyond. With subjects covering anything from new behavioral theories to fermentation, you will undoubtedly be enlightened.

IIAB Talks

At the quarterly format, we welcome clients, partners and other curious ears in for a fresh take on a selected topic from the lands of innovation. We typically invite 2-3 speakers in to give a dogmatic presentation, that inspires and provokes.

A place for craftsmanship

From a woolen sock factory to a Fiat repair shop – the diverse history of the office building has left its mark with quirky details in every corner. It is a place geared for work and experimentation, where you’ll sense the unique garage-vibe in lively neighborhood.

Anything but a desk job

Innovation should not be constrained to a desk work set up, but evolve in a suitable setting. At IIAB you are free from the assigned table, and encouraged to make use of the office, in the way that suits you and the project best. The variations are close to endless.


We have two, three or more parties a year, organized by our party committee, made up of two or three of us who are assigned a huge budget. Those are great fun, and a fantastic way to get to know your new team members.

Friday bars

Even though we appreciate Mondays, we frequently celebrate Fridays with a beer or more. Once a month the Friday bar is hosted by rotation, and developed into different kinds of tipsy themes, with beverages in both solid and liquid state.

Personal aspiration

A constant acquisition of knowledge is what keeps out minds sharp and open. Therefore, we encourage each other to participate in conferences and presentations, for both a personal and collective gain.

Want to be part
of the team?

Want to be part