Looking at the Ten Meter Tower (and gasping in horror)

  Recently I saw a quite unusual “horror movie”. It was completely lacking creepy characters and bloody special effects. The setting was also rather unusual; a public swimming bath. And yet, it was nerve wreaking. The movie is titled Ten-Meter Tower and it simply shows people about to jump off from the ten meter tower. It is a great and inspiring observational study of […]

A peek into the garage

Despite a roaring snowstorm around 100 people showed up at the IIAB office last Thursday. They came to participate in the 6th edition of IIAB Talk – our quarterly open event about innovation, research and design. This time the event was titled Startup Incorporated – how corporations set up external innovation units to stay innovative. […]

A faster horse

I often meet people who refer to Henry Ford’s famous quote:”If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses …” They refer to the quote as a criticism of the user-centered design approach because Ford’s words indicate that people do not know what they want or do not want. And I […]

IIAB Talks #6 – Startup Incorporated

2016 mest hypede konsulent ord var formentlig disruption. Og ikke uden grund. Mange chefer frygter at blive den næste Kodak eller Blockbuster, der lader sig overrumple af et startup der udnytter ny teknologi og skalerer eksponentielt. Svaret for mange store virksomheder har været at skabe såkaldte “Innovation Labs” eller X-labs – fokuserede innovationsenheder, der ligger off-site, væk […]

Tangible Conversations

Complex confusion Have you ever left a meeting room more confused than when you entered? Have you ever felt frustrated due to people talking passed one another or simply having different views of a situation that were never addressed? If you work in a place with more than a few colleagues, you most likely have. The world […]

Westworld challenges our understanding of what it means to be human

Season one of Westworld has just ended. The show has been a massive success, with every episode pulling on average 12 million viewers, making the first season of Westworld HBO’s most successful launch to date. In my view, the show succeeds because it cleverly portrays our ambivalence towards technological development and poses an important – […]

Looking back at 2016

Change often arrives in unexpected (and seemingly mysterious) ways, and 2016 has really shown us that. Much has changed at IS IT A BIRD over the last year, in ways that we just couldn’t have imagined a year ago. One exciting thing we did expect though was that we would grow. Last year our new 500+ […]

Er du vores næste superpraktikant? (så ansøg nu)

Vi søger i øjeblikket praktikanter til foråret 2017 med superkræfter inden for research og design. Du kan læse mere om stillingerne her. Og i denne lille video kan du se vores nuværende praktikanter fortæller lidt om oplevelsen. Ansøgningsfristen er nu på mandag d. 31. okt. kl. 12.00. Så hvis du selv synes at ovenstående lyder spændende, du har en samfundsvidenskabelig eller […]

IIAB Talks #5 – Finansiel Innovation

Vi er glade for nu at kunne afsløre at næste IIAB Talks finder sted 10. november og at temaet bliver Finansiel Innovation – et aktuelt emne, som både trækker avisoverskrifter og er stof for dramaserier. Vi tror på at vi står på tærsklen til  en revolution af den finansielle sektor, som vil redefinere hvad vi forstår ved […]